Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The 1975

One release I'm greatly anticipating this year is that of Manchester based four peice, The 1975, previously known as Drive Like I Do, The Big Sleep, Talkhouse and The Slowdown.The band have recently signed to London based label Dirty Hit Records and will be releasing an EP titled "Facedown" on August the 6th.  

You can listen to "The City". a track which will feature on the EP by visiting their soundcloud here. The track possesses a great energy and rhythm, bursting to life with heavy percussion that is intertwined with grooving guitar riffs that propel the song forward. Lush synth soundscapes and heartfelt vocals add to heighten the mood.

Hello all, I am returning back to the musical blogosphere once again. The blog will feature new musical finds, album reviews, single reviews, and maybe even document some of my video and editing work.

Watch this space. 

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lost River/ Old River


Lost River/Old River is the musical project of singer/song writer Matthew Hovey Kemp who is based in Austin, Texas. The stand out track on the artists' myspace page for me is "Lost River". The vocals emerge as soon as the track begins, featuring both Kemp and another female vocalist. The vocals are hazy, and the delay on them really sets the tone to the track, adding a mysterious, moody feel. They sing against a backdrop of guitar riffs and the slow delivery of the vocals contrasts against the simple yet fast paced percussion section. The track moves to an explosion in the sky styled instrumental towards the middle section which is void of any drumming, where guitars intertwine with one another before the track builds back up with solid drum beats and Kemps' vocals enter once more, this helps move the track along and keeps it dynamic.

Third track on the myspace "Thunder" also encompasses hazy vocals and haromonies,the percussion is very cymbal based and is simple so as not to detract from the vocals and prominent guitar riffs. The track moves along steadily before ending in a powerful instrumental section.

Both tracks appear on the album "No Clouds" which is available to buy on itunes.

File next to: Bon Iver / Paul Marshall /

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Washed Out

Dot to dot festival is a musical event that I always make sure I attend, so I'm very pleased to see that artist Washed Out is making an appearance on the line up. Washed Out is the musical project of artist Ernest Greene of Georgia, South Carolina.  The signature sound of Washed Out has been termed as chill wave and has earned comparisons to Brooklyns' Neon Indian. Greene creates songs that possess a laid back and dreamy feel, due to Greenes' ethereal vocal which is layered over synth soundscapes and minimal drums. The tracks are perfect to accompany a hot summers day.

Washed Out is set to tour the US with Beach House throughout April, and will be in the UK for Dot to dot festival at the following dates:

30th May - Nottingham
31st May - Manchester

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Metric - 11th May - Manchester Academy

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It was nearly four years to the day I last saw Metric Live, supporting Death From Above on their UK tour. Having witnessed their live show, four years on, I would have envisaged Metric to be playing bigger venues than academy 3. Since that show they have however put out two albums, it was going to be interesting to see how these translated live.

Placing tracks Help I’m Alive and Satellite Minds at the beginning of their setlist, set the stage for a highly energetic gig. As Satellite Mind began Haines began pogo-ing and fleeting round the stage like a whirlwind, as she jumped around the stage, her performance was infectious. James Shaw intertwined riffs and jabs of guitar against Josh Winsteads’ and drummer Joules Scott-Keys’ slick backdrop of rhythm, compelling the audience to move. Throughout the set the interaction between Metric and their fans was high with Emily Haines and James Shaw reaching out to their fans to break down the barriers, in the form of high fives and hand shakes.  Although most of the set consisted of Tracks from “Fantasies”,  “Old World Undergound” hit dead disco  featured, greeted by cheers and screams from the Audience. Haines appeared to be sparkling as much as the glitter on her dress. Providing a slick vocal, as well as humorous banter between herself and the crowd made for a gripping performance.

The thrashing solid beat provided by drummer Joules Scott-Key indicated the beginning of Stadium Love, generating sing a longs from the crowd as the token riff during the chorus filled the room. It proved to be a powerful end to the set, and left the audience wanting more.

Metric granted the audiences wish by entering the stage ,with an encore the chosen track Monster Hospital.  Shaw, Haines and Winstead teetered on the edge of the stage to get in with the crowd, again dispersing the barriers between band and audience. Each member providing frenzied convulsing dance movements whilst performing.

After the explosion of Monster Hospital the pace was then slowed down with a second encore, in the form of track Live it out with Haines claiming it was a “lullaby” to the audience, Emilys’ hauntingly beautiful vocal echoed round the room as the audience , enchanted, sang every word right back.

With that performance, maybe Stadium Love will beckon soon.